For this assignment, we will complete eight 9″ x 12″ paintings, six in class and two out of class. All eight paintings will be due on October 21.  Each of these paintings will be completed in one session, each session approximately 1 1/2 hours in length.

Check out these paintings and the dynamic arrangement of the works:

After Purging Her Possessions, an Artist Paints What Remained

Also, visit her website:

For daily painting practice:  More videos here:


–Objects to paint! These could be anything–coffee cups, produce (whole or partially eaten), key chains, books, etc.  Avoid objects without much dimensionality, such as phones.  Some of the paintings should feature reflective objects, such as glass or metal, and others should feature objects with varying surface textures.

–Two sheets of 18” x 24” primed sheet of paper, each cut into four 9″ x 12″ inch pages

–Oil paints


–Liquin, Galkyd or linseed oil



–To learn to work quickly with all prima painting

–To develop observation skills

–To establish contrast and use a full range of approximately six values

–To establish a harmonious color palette

–To create a visually interesting compositions; avoid centering objects

–To learn to create the illusion of shiny and matte surfaces

–To gain confidence in painting with oils


Process will be explained and demonstrated in class.

If you would like, please share photos of your paintings on Instagram with #sncdailypaintings.

Self-Evaluation Suggestions:

The paintings are well-observed and rendered with careful attention to value range, contrast, attention to surface and color harmony.

The composition is well-designed and visually engaging with a distinct focal point.

You have completed eight paintings in total, six in class and two out of class. 

Examples of Past Student Work


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