I hope you’ve had a great break.  Below is the list of supplies you’ll need for the class.  Many of the supplies you’ll use will be dependent on your individual project ideas.  That said, there are a few items I want to draw your attention to.

  1. Paints: You’ll be able to use the paint mediums of your choice this semester.  A lot of students like to work in a variety of paint mediums and some students prefer to stick with oils.  If you have a stash of acrylic, watercolor or other paints, feel free to bring them with you this semester.  
  2. For our second project, we are going to make cradled panels.  I’m going to supply the panel but you’ll need to buy three 1″ x 2″ x 8′ lengths of wood (like those we used in 240- no need for the quarter-round though). You may find it convenient to purchase the wood at home and bring them with you. Be sure to check that the wood is not warped.
  3. You’ll need your sketchbook and drawing tools (whatever tools you prefer to draw with in your sketchbook) with you on the first day of class. 
  4. You’ll need 1 or 2 sheets of watercolor paper for Project 3 and 1-2 sheets of watercolor paper or gesso-covered drawing paper for the first project. The bookstore has 22″ x 30″ Arches watercolor paper, both hot press and cold press, in stock. There is no need to bring this to the first day of class and we will discuss supplies that day.

Course Materials List

–three 1” x 2” x 8 foot lenths of wood (similar to those we purchased for building stretcher frames in 240.  These will be used for the second project.

–22″ x 30, 140 lb watercolor paper  (2 sheets, sold in the bookstore) 

–Various surfaces for completing projects in the second half of the class.  The type of surfaces you choose will be dependent on the type of paint you use and the design of your project. 

–Paint: you may use oil, acrylic, water-based paint or a mix of all three.

–Brushes: a mix of flats, brights, filberts, and rounds, sizes 2-12. You’ll need stiff bristle brushes for oil and acrylics and soft bristles for water-based mediums. I also like to use soft bristles with oils. 

–Mediums (these will be dependent on the paint you choose) and will be further discussed in class. 

–sketchbook (you will need this on the first day)

–drawing tools (pens, pencils, charcoal)

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