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Dear students in Art 340 and 440,

I wanted to step back and take a moment to share why Domains is such an important part of this class. Because it is a painting class and painting is our primary task, it’s easy to think of our blogs as peripheral.

Domains are embedded into this course because it’s necessary to craft a digital presence around our work as artists.  In the 21st century, we Google everything. You can count on the fact that gallerists, curators, reporters, employers and others will Google your name.  When they do you will want them to see your art and design work presented in a way you think is optimal. It takes time, and trial and error, to learn how to do this.  Domains is a great learning space (that many students have also honed as a professional space) for growing these skills.

The goal of the Domains project as part of this class is two-fold:

  1. To learn craft a website suitable for the presentation of your work. This takes time but is worth the exploration.  I highly encourage you to customize your sight and make it a showcase for your portfolio. You will be glad you’ve created and maintained a website when you begin applying for jobs and internships.
  2. To learn to write about our work.  This is an important skill that you will use when writing artist’s statements, gallery inquiries, grant proposals and many other documents important to creating a successful career as an artist. Writing about our work also helps us figure out how we want to talk about our work. I encourage you to use the blog posts as opportunities to dive deeply into what and who inspires you as artist and why you choose to make what you make. What periods of art history do you love? What have you recently seen in a museum that might have influenced your idea for a piece?  Who are the artists you admire? What is your process? How do you think through a piece, from concept to final execution? How does one piece influence the next?

In short, I want to make sure you know that Domains are not part of this course to give you one more thing to do or to distract from our time in the studio.  They are part of Intermediate Painting because knowing how to make and maintain digital portfolio, write, and talk about your work are critical, practical skills you will need as artists.  Those skills get sharpened with practice. Just like you need to make, rather than think, your way to better paintings, you need to spend time making your domain.

Magical things happen in the process!



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