Congratulations on completing the work for you Senior Art Exhibition!  The final requirement for the course is preparing your portfolio for upload to the Digital Commons.  

Step 1:  Prepare images of your work

Read this post about photographing your art. Your photos should look professional.  Images of two-dimensional work should be cropped to the edges of the artwork. Three-dimensional works should be photographed against clean, neutral backgrounds.  

Step 2: Format images

Save images at 72 dpi so that they upload quickly.  

Step 3:  Create slideshow

Use Google Slides or Powerpoint to create a slideshow.  The slideshow should include images of all the work in your exhibit, with label information (title, medium, size). You might also include a few images of the work installed in the gallery.  Save the slideshow as a pdf and email it to me by the end of the day on April 16.

Step 4:  Final edits

I will return suggested edits to you by April 20.  Complete those edits prior to April 25. I will also return your artist’s statement to you with suggested edits.

Step 5:  Upload the portfolio

Bring your computer, along with the final files for the pdf portfolio and artist’s statement to class on April 25.  We will upload the portfolios to the Digital Commons at that time.

Spring 2018, Senior Art Portfolio

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