Limited Palette

A limited palette is a set number of pigment colors used in a given painting. In Art 240, we use a limited palette for several reasons:

  1. Color harmony. When you are mixing colors from a select set of pigments your paintings will naturally harmonize because the pigments are repeating throughout the work.
  2. Variety.  You’ll be amazed at how many colors you can mix from eight pigments.
  3. Cost.  Paint is expensive and using a limited palette reduces the number of pigments you need to buy.

In Art 240, we start with cadmium red, alizarin crimson, lemon yellow, cadmium yellow, cobalt blue, ultramarine blue, prussian blue, burnt umber and titanium white.  This video, explains the paints and mediums needed to set up a limited palette.

The following videos illustrate how various colors can be mixed from a limited palette.  In many of the videos, I chose an object and proceed to mix a match for its color.  This is a great way to practice color mixing and get to know your pigments.


This is the gray used in the first several Art 240 projects.




Butternut Squash

Chartreuse Green