Welcome to Art 240, Introduction to Painting!

Supply kits for this class can be purchased in the SNC bookstore.  If you prefer to purchase supplies at your local art supply store please feel free to do so. Here is the supply list for the course:

Oil Paints:
200 ml or 37 ml Winton Oil:
Ultramarine Blue
Cobalt Blue Hue
Prussian Blue
Cadmium Yellow Hue
Lemon Yellow Hue
Cadmium Red Hue
Alizarin Crimson
Burnt Umber
Titanium White

Optional Colors:
Cerulean Blue Hue
Viridian Green
Yellow Ochre

Liquin or Galkyd
Gamsol (this is very brand specific; the only paint thinner allowed in the studio is Gamsol)


Assortment of flats, rounds,
brights, filberts, sizes 2-12
#12 Winton Bristol Brush

Additional Supplies:
Palette knife
18” x 24” Plexi-glass
2-3 glass jars with lids
Sketchbook- Approx. 8.5”x 11” in size
Drawing pencils and pens
18” x 24” pad of drawing paper
18” x 24” drawing board w/ clips

Later in the semester (do not purchase these yet):
Raw Canvas
1”x 2” furring strips and quarter round lengths of wood

The following videos provide a brief introduction to the paints, brushes and mediums we will be using in class:

Post any questions in the comment section below.  See you soon!

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