Art 340, Series Project:

We will continue with the original plan for this course with slight variations.  As originally planned, the remainder of the semester will be spent developing a small body of work.  You will complete three painting projects, all related through concept and approach.

Before beginning the three paintings, though, you will each write a Series Proposal paper, due Monday, March 30. 

As you develop your series proposal, consider the following?

  1. Would you rather create one large painting or create a set of smaller paintings for each of the three project deadlines. Due to the change to online learning, you might consider a “painting a day” type of series. To do this, cut your 22″ x 30″ sheet of paper into six 7″ x 10″ sheets and do six paintings for each of the three projects. This would be a good option if you find that you have small stretches, rather than large chunks of time, to paint. 
  2. Look back at the work you did for the Artistic Voice project when considering what you want to explore for this project.  What was the thing you most enjoyed painting when we worked on that project?  What would you like to explore at a deeper level? 

Series Proposal Paper

Your series proposal should be approximately 600 words and include the following:

-Explain the concept you will investigate through painting.  What is your theme?  How are you exploring it with depth and unique vision?

-How, formally, will you explore this theme?  What is the scale of your paintings? What surface will you paint on?  Describe the palette you plan to use. Will you use an other materials (for example, markers, pencils, computer)?

–Name two contemporary artists who will serve as inspiration for your project.  Describe their work and identify what has drawn you to the work. At least one of these artists should be a painter.  Art 21 is a good resource for contemporary artists.  

This proposal is worth a full project grade. 

Artist Inspiration

I chose these three examples because they show artists working with simple materials (the kind you could use at home) in striking ways. 

Fred Tomaselli’s New York Times paintings.

Shahzia Sikander’s work is a good example of working on a smaller scale in big ways.

How does an artist get maximum results out of minimal means?Louise Despont Draws Deep


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