Domain of One’s Own is an initiative that was pioneered by the University of Mary Washington and is now being applied at many other colleges and universities.  Professor Ries, Professor Pirman and I are initiating a small version of the project at SNC this semester with three art classes, one of which is Art 340.  I’m pretty excited about the project, primarily because it shifts control of the learning space to the student.  Instead of posting content to a learning management system like Snoodle, you post it to your domain, a space on the web you control. You design it and add, edit and delete content as you see fit.

Here are a few resources, and one assignment, to kickstart your thinking about the project:

The why:

The Web We Need to Give Students by Audrey Watters

The what:

Check out these great portfolios by art students at the The University of Oklahoma

The task:

Choose a domain name.  This might take some time.  You’re committing to this name for a while so you want to make sure it reflects what you plan to share (keep in mind that the work you will share in this space will not be limited to work you produce in Art 340).  If it’s available, using your name is always a good choice for an artist or designer.

Once you’ve chosen a domain, check if it’s available here.  If it is, you’re all set.  If it’s not available you’ll need to select another name.  Don’t do anything with your domain name quite yet.  We’ll register your domain in class on January 31.

Already have a website you love?  No need to start from scratch.  You should be able to map your domain name to your current website, something we’ll talk more about on the 31st.

Choosing a Domain Name
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