Look at the work of Wangechi Mutu:

30 Americans Exhibit



Elizabeth Murray:




Project Objectives:

-To create an abstract collage with and emphasis on color scheme.

-T0 explore shape, specifically creating a piece that is an irregular shape rather than a rectangle.

-To create an interesting composition that is entirely abstract or partially abstract, while avoiding cliché imagery.

-To explore mixed media, specifically painting and college.


Use your three sheets  of prepared paper for this project.  You may use additional sheets if you have them available.  Begin by painting the sheets of paper with five or six colors to develop your overall color scheme.  You may choose to drip, layer and scratch into your paint.  See Elizabeth Murray’s work for inspiration.  You may also choose to incorporate some collage elements from found imagery.  Be sure to use this imagery in an original way, avoiding cliché imagery.  The goal is to use the found material to create your own imagery. See Wangechi Mutu’s work for inspiration.

Once your paintings are dry, cut them apart into various shapes and reassemble them as discussed in class.








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