The first project we will complete this semester is the construction of a cradled panel.  Hardwood is a great painting surface but it tends to warp if left unsupported.  Supporting the painting surface with a cradle prevents this from happening.  

To build the panels you will need one sheet of hardwood and four to six 1” x “2  or 1” x 4” lengths of pine.  

Process for building the cradled panel:

Please note that all steps will be demonstrated in class.

Step 1: Cut the lengths of pine to make the fours sides of the frame (cradle). Four example, if your finished piece will be 36” x 40” you will need to cut two 36” lengths and two 40” lengths. The ends of each piece are miter-cut at 45 degree angles.  

Step 2: Glue and nail or screw the corners together (be sure to use the metal corner braces in the painting studio) when gluing the pieces of wood together. You can use the nail gun to assemble the frame or the drill and screws.

Step 3: Cut crossbar pieces and corner braces.  Use straight cuts for the crossbars and mitered cuts for the four corner braces.

Step 4:

Glue and nail the crossbars and corner braces in place.

(corner braces are not shown in the above drawing)

Step 5: Cut the wood panel (painting surface) to size.  The outer dimensions of the hardwood panel should match the outer measurements of the assembled cradle.

Step six:  Glue the panel onto the cradle.  You may also use the nail gun to further secure the panel to the cradle.
Prime the panel with a few layers of gesso and you are ready to paint!

Constructing a Cradled Panel
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