In conjunction with the Domain of One’s Own project, we are going to explore digital identity in this project. How do our roles as makers, when we work with a traditional medium like painting, intersect with our digital identities?  Are digital spaces viewed as extensions of our studio spaces, avenues for promotion or places for conversation and connection?

The first project we will use for this exploration is an art school classic–the self-portrait.  This particular self-portrait will explore, in some way, your digital identity.

To get started, study the painting, Google, 2006 by Dana Schutz.  An image of the painting and audio of the artist’s commentary can be found here:

We will further analyze Google in class.

Concept and Research

Possible routes for diving into this theme include, but are not limited to:

  1. Constructions of identity on social media
  2. Your role as a digital citizen.  How does identity intersect with digital citizenship?
  3. The exchange of personal data for access to digital spaces

As mentioned in class, you will write a blog post about your process upon completion of the painting.  Be sure to include an image of the completed painting.  In the post, explain your research and painting process.


Your painting may be figurative, conceptual or abstract.  Paint should be the dominant medium used but you may also incorporate traditional mixed media or digital elements into the work.  As an example, several years ago a student painted a self-portrait, posted a photograph of the painting on facebook and printed printed a screenshot of the painting on facebook, with likes and comments, as an element of the final work.

The painting and blog post are due on Friday, March 9.  Please post questions or comments below.

Digital Self-Portrait, Sp 18
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