indigo paint being mixed

Project Objective:

To make three paint mixtures out of found pigments and create a 22” x 30” painting, referencing your Artistic Voice project to create content. You might also choose to tear your paper into two sheets of 15” x 11” pieces of paper and complete two paintings. 

Supplies Needed:  

Watercolor paper: 22” x 30” sheets of watercolor paper are available in the bookstore

Found pigments for making paint:  Botanicals, spices, coffee tea, and anything else you can dream up. It needs to be non-toxic. 


  1. Collect three pigment sources.
  2. Mix three paints.  All three can be wet paints but you might also choose to mix one or two cake pigments as demonstrated in class. 
  3. If desired, exchange pigments with other students in the class to expand your palette.
  4. Make your painting. Consider the strength of your pigment saturation when developing your painting.  
  5. Document the process through your blog post.  

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