Project proposal for final two paintings

Plan your project

Record your responses to the following questions in a notebook or sketchbook:

  1.  Look at and think about all of the art you have created in the past.  What themes appear throughout your art?  What are things that a viewer would identify as characteristics of your art?  
  2.   Identify themes/ideas/processes you are interested in exploring through a series of two projects.  What ideas/subject matter do you find compelling?
  3.  What images consistently show up in your sketchbook?
  4.  What have you studied in other classes that has grabbed and held your attention?

Write your proposal

Use your responses to the questions above to determine what you will explore in your final two paintings. Write a one page proposal describing the paintings you intend to make.  What imagery do you plan to paint? Why? Will the works be symbolic, representational, abstract or conceptual. What artists will you look to for inspiration? The paintings should be related by concept and/or style and will be painted on the two canvases you made during the last project. 

Sketch. Use your sketchbook to further explore your ideas, narrow down your theme and map out a plan for creating a body two related paintings.

Proposal Due Wednesday, November  14

Painting 1 Due November 26

Painting 2 Due December 7


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