Art 440, Series Project:

Projects 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 in this course will be the development of a small body of work, related through concept and approach.


What ties an artist’s body of work together?

For instance, Kehinde Wiley paints the human figure against ornate, vibrant, Arts and Crafts patterned backgrounds. This creates visual consistency in the work.  On the other hand, Katie Paterson works with a variety of materials.  Her work is connected by concept (deep time and space) and format. Georgia O’Keeffe’s style is instantly recognizable.  What makes it so?

In a 800-1000 word Series Proposal blog post address the following: 

  1. What content are you interested in developing?  How will you explore it with depth and unique vision? What themes do you already see repeating in your work? What would you like to further investigate? For this section, refer to the Art Tree/Matrix you completed in assignment one. 
  2. What painting techniques/approaches do you plan to explore? What materials will you use? How, formally, will you explore your theme?  What is the scale of your paintings?  Why did you choose that scale?  What surface will you paint on?  Why did you choose it? Describe the palette you plan to use.
  3. Include idea sketches and inspiration image in your post. 

Keep in mind that this is a professional document with good quality photos and polished writing (see writing policy in the syllabus).  

Grade Rubric

60 pts:  Quality of proposal content; the proposal is well thought out, with detail and depth in the explanation of the work intended to be produced.  

20 pts: Quality of photos/visuals

20 pts: quality of writing

Series Proposal Due February 21

To submit the assignment , post a link to the post in the comment section below. 

Examples of student work: